Brand DNA
Uncompromised Craftsmanship in Every Pair

At B O R O デニム, we redefine traditional craftsmanship by insisting on no compromises. Each pair of our jeans is crafted from premium Japanese selvedge fabric, woven on age-old shuttle looms to ensure unmatched quality and durability. We embrace the unique character of denim through our specialized washing process using historical barrel machines, giving each piece a distinctive identity. Our commitment to small-batch production allows us to maintain a focus on quality over quantity, celebrating the artistry behind every seam and wash. Guided by our passion for denim and dedication to excellence, B O R O デニム stands as a testament to timeless craftsmanship and innovative denim expression.

I am Monica Caleya, the founder and Creative Director of B O R O デニム, and I am honored to share our brand's journey with you.

Monica Caleya

Monica Caleya

Understanding BORO : The Art of Resilience

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Selvedge Denim

Ring-Spun Fabric

Shuttle Loom

Vintage Barrel Machine

The B O R O デニム Promise