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Embrace the Authenticity

To take things back to craftsmanshipo with no compromise. We relentlessly strive for our vision, never allowing compromises at any stage of our work. From the very beginning, we encountered numerous obstacles, but our unwavering passion always triumphed over the challenges. Slowly but surely, we forged connections with denim masters, deepening our understanding of the art of clothing making and finding joy in the process.

B O R O デニム jeans are dyed with pure indigo by artisans who have honed their craft for centuries. Crafted in small quantities, we prioritize quality over quantity, refusing to rush our production to meet demands. Our mission is to continuously push the boundaries of indigo expression, harnessing the delicate and exceptional craftsmanship in every step, from dyeing and weaving to sewing and distressing.

I am Monica Caleya, the founder and Creative Director of B O R O デニム, and I am honored to share our brand's journey with you.

Monica Caleya

Monica Caleya

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